Maps on TV


I love maps, so I developed this application for viewing on the big screen.

MapsOnTV lets you interact with the map on the iPad and see it in the HD TV or projector, for enjoy the show.

Discover places, cities tour & remember travel are some of the tasks can now be done with the iPad.

No black bars on the sides of the TV. MapsOnTV lets you watch  HD in wide format, using the entire screen.

You can browse cities and terrain in satellite mode, regular map or a mixture of both. When a view sounds interesting, you can add as a favorite point of interest and save for later visit.

MapsOnTV will remember  the chosen point & zoom.

As an example, the application includes dozens of POIs that are known worldwide. To provide an even more interesting and complete experience, you will see pictures of where you are. There are millions of Panoramio photos that you will discover as you travel through different places of the planet.

The connection to the TV or projector may be:

  • Wireless: using AirPlay with a second generation AppleTV (720p)
  • Wired: using the HDMI connector that Apple sells for this purpose (1080p).

For more information about connecting an iPad to an external display, view

Note: MapsOnTV can function well without a connection to a TV. The difference is that the content can only be seen on the iPad.

Link to AppStore






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